March 8th, 2009


Our First Meet

 Right here before of my eyes, the group which called the famous S-class. Small group which consist not more than 20 people but great enough to makes uproar of the entire school. This white layered red uniform, they move in group, and, at the center of these gorgeous people, the one who lead them as I feel. 

This man, I could feel an enormous aura from him. The most gorgeous man from them all. He walks and takes the lead. I look at him like I’m losing myself. I think I barely could stand in front of him. 

Red near blood color eyes, long & wavy hair, white near pale skin, a sharp well formed nose, wide & well shoulder also chest. Long legs, about 180 cm, and well shaped body. 

A man with these great conditions, but why when I looked into his eyes, deep inside, I feel that he’s really lonely.
I think I reached my limits by just looking into his eyes while he walks near me more and more. The sound of my throbbing heart, I clinched my teeth unconsciously, then….

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